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      New Puppy Guide

We want to provide as much information on this page in hopes of answering your questions about the process of purchasing and also caring for your Cavalier King Charles Baby. This is such a special breed and we are devoted to preserving the breed and also educating potential puppy parents. Please see our puppy contract and guarantee.



~ Research me and the Cavalier King Charles Breed. (References available upon request, including references from other Cavalier breeders.)

~Contact me after you have done your research.

~I request a deposit of $500 to hold a specific puppy for you if the puppies are not yet weaning age.

~Your deposit can be rolled to another litter if: you do not get the puppy you wanted, emergency situations with health, home, etc. This is only an option BEFORE committing to a puppy.

I can also offer a visit to pick, BUT it would have to be scheduled in 2 days. Have this pre-planned and be ready to make a decision because the next families on the wait list will be expecting contact.

If the puppy is weaned and ready to go home, no deposit will be required.

~I will only consider placing a puppy with full rights in an approved, vetted, show home only (with references). This will of course, be something discussed and agreed upon prior to placement.  (In general, if you find a breeder who relinquishes breeding rights to anyone/with every puppy, you're not getting a puppy with pure, healthy bloodlines worth protecting. BUYERS BEWARE!) AKC limited rights go with all of our puppies. Champion bloodline parents, health tested for generations. Your AKC application for (pet) registration goes home with you upon picking up your puppy.

~Upon vet clearance at 8 weeks, pick up your new baby. (Arrangements can also be made for carrier or flight if necessary.)

~I like all babies in their new homes by at least 10 weeks old for socialization purposes and potty training. 8-13 weeks is the most critical for this.

~Please feel free to call or text to inquire about available puppies.

~Also, please be sure to read the Contract and Agreement.

Pick Up Time~

~Each puppy from Cane Creek Cavaliers will be vet checked at 8 weeks, and you are sent home with a vet report for your puppy.

~Arrangements are made for pick up following vet clearance.

~Final payment is CASH only when picking up your puppy.

~At this point, your puppy will be starting out with their first set of vaccinations and worming.

~You will arrange a vet visit for puppies second set of vaccinations  2-3 weeks after vet clearance from my vet.

~On the side of caution, I recommend that the puppy DOES NOT visit public areas or be placed on the ground in public areas until the second set of vaccinations has been done. This includes while traveling home. Use a pee pad in the crate for the ride home.

~Bring a small carrier with a pee pad and a blanket to make your puppy's ride home comfortable.

~Schedule a pickup time when you will have a day or two bonding and acclimating your puppy.

~Puppies can act shy their first day or two in their new home, so as long as they are eating and drinking there is no need to worry. They will open up and show their wonderful personality!

~You will be provided with AKC registration Application, a signed 1 year health contract, (See Contract and Agreement),  vaccination and worming records, a vet report for your puppy, as well as a small bag of feed and a puppy play kit from Cane Creek Cavaliers congratulating you and your new baby!

~Because your puppy is very small, (about 3-5 lbs at 8 weeks) the kit has a kitty collar and bell. This is NOT for walking your puppy. This collar is simply for safety purposes. A way to hear your puppy while in the house. If the puppy is behind you, you will hear him/her and not step on them. If the puppy hides behind the furniture, you can find them! I do suggest removing all collars when the puppy is left unattended in the crate. Puppies can get their collars stuck in the oddest ways.


Things to Prepare at Home

Food and Feeding 

~Pick a puppy food that works for you. 

~After a day or two, you can add some of your food in with the last of my food provided to transition the puppy.

~If the puppy gets loose stool or diarrhea from the change, give them a little cottage cheese to firm them back up.

~Your puppy is on free choice food (and water) when they leave. Typically, this way of feeding never leads to overeating, but that also depends on your choice of food and level of activity.

Example; If choosing a high protein feed, you may not want to offer self feed. If you choose to provide the meals daily, make sure you are feeding the right ammount to the puppy for proper nutrition. Water should always be provided free choice except it can be held back at night to lessen the chance of an accident.

~Have your choice of crate/ playpen, food, pee pads, and toys set up before the puppy arrives home.

~I highly recommend the Puppy Culture program for solid guidance on how to raise a well-rounded, happy puppy. 


Crating and Potty Training Suggestions~


~If you are a stay at home puppy parent, small crate training works. It is not my preferred training or sleeping arrangements. Purchase a crate that will be big enough for the puppy when full grown. Place a box in the back of the crate to make the crate only big enough for the puppy to stand up and turn around. Bed crate. If too big, the puppy will potty in the bedding, or left to long the puppy will potty in the bedding. The puppy will learn to potty in its bedding if done wrong...This only works if you can attend to the puppy hourly.

~My suggestion is an x-pen. These can be bought as portable, so you can take the puppies home with you!

~The x-pen/exercise pen is a puppy play pen that is big enough to have a section for sleeping, a section for pee pads, a section for food & water dishes and a play area all in one! You might need to tape pee pads down, purchase dishes that can't be tipped, self-refilling dishes if you plan to work long hours.

~Simply start moving the pee pads towards the door to break the puppy from them. Works good in cold months. Place pee pad in front of door, so puppy learns to go to door and eventually place outside.

~A puppy will need to potty after they wake up from a nap and after drinking and eating a big meal. This is a good time to reinforce going to the door.

Additional Suggestions~

~All questions regarding when to spay or neuter, when to worm again, when to do rabies, flea/heart worm are for your vet on your first visit :) 

~Heart worm is NOT a myth! It is a silent killer, so treat and guard your puppy against heart worm. 
~If your puppy is not acting right for any reason, please see a vet. Do not consult Google or me. We can discuss the problem after the vet has been consulted
~If you have limited/pet AKC registration PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER your puppy. Puppies are cute, yes! Birth is not. You do not see everything that goes on because breeders post cute pictures and videos of puppies for you to view. The myth that mother nature takes care of it, is FALSE. Your dog needs your assistance and knowledge for breech births, torn umbilical, cleft palate babies, premature babies, retained placenta and so much more.  The hard fact is that breeding by UN- knowledgeable breeders can result in the loss of your beloved pet, serious complications or result in large vet bills. 

If you have breeding rights, (ONLY to show homes with references) and intend to breed for the first time, have a mentor and vet work closely with you to ensure the safety of mom & pups.

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